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Check HERE for updates on the pool schedule.

Pool closing at 3 PM on Tuesday Sept 27 for swim meet.

Swim Lesson Levels

Early beginner: (ages 3-4)
Children will work towards becoming more comfortable being in the water, blowing bubbles, holding a kickboard, and pushing from the stairs or wall to the instructor. This class is meant for young children who have had little or no experience in the pool and/or no prior swim lessons.

Children will work towards using a kickboard independently, gliding on front/back, and swimming freestyle for 15 feet. Prior to this class, children should be comfortable in the water and willing to push off the wall toward an instructor.

Children will work on side breathing, kicking, backstroke, and swimming in the deep end. Prior to this class children should be able to push off the wall and swim freestyle 10-15 feet and glide on their back for about 7 feet.

Children will work towards swimming 50 yards of competent freestyle and backstroke and will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly. Children will begin to learn how to dive and do a flip turn. Prior to this class, children should be able to swim freestyle, backstroke, and elementary breaststroke for 1 width of the pool. (This class swims widths across the middle of the pool)

Private Swim Lessons:

The benefits of private swim lessons are many, the biggest one is receiving undivided attention for your child from the instructor with completely personalized lesson plans based specifically on your child's needs and skill level. Additionally, there are no distractions from other children, leading to more comfort and familiarity as newer swimmers get used to the water.